Glen Shederow

First day of Festival

Our hosts

The Competitors

  • Chipley Sweetleaf – Half Elf Fop. Rich Family.
  • Aglak – Half Orc – Shadowy.
  • Stark Stormweather – Sorcerer
  • Cenn Cu’Valinore – A short gnome, with unruly hair and an almost dwarf like beard, with animal teeth and claws braided in.
  • Dok – Orly “Dok” Copperfist is a Dwarven Cleric and Community Outreach Coordinator for the Church and Casino of Nivi Rhombodazzle, the Gnomish Goddess of Luck, Gambling, Gems and Tricks
  • Roderick “Stabbity” Jones – A human ranger highly regarded for his skills, not so much for his temperment.
  • Thaniel Cooperson – Half-elf Wizard
  • Grendel (Name Withheld) – Halfing renowned for making “The Greatest Sandwich in the World”

Day 1 – Obstacle Course
Highlights of Obstacle Course

  • Cenn runs through like a Gnome possessed possibly because he didn’t understand the rules.
  • Stark weasels his way out
  • No one comes close to Cenn’s time.
  • Dok takes an arrow to the face.



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